Corcoran Chamber of Commerce

Established as a “city of sixth class” on August 14, 1914, Corcoran is located in the heart of Kings County. Its roots, however, go back much further than the town’s incorporation date.

Located 178 miles north of Los Angeles and 230 miles south of San Francisco, the site of the future community originally served as a junction for the San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railroad, which completed its rails connecting the two ends of the state in trains and consisted of platform from which business transactions were handled from three directions: north, south and east.

The origin of the name Corcoran for the community is disputed; however, there are two front runners’ historians usually tag for the pioneer who operated a steamboat between Stockton and Tulare Lake. The second was a superintendent by the name of Thomas Corcoran who worked for the Santa Fe Railroad (which bought out the San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Line). Corcoran was known as Corcoran Junction at the turn of the century when it consisted of nothing more than a railway stop, giving credence to the second name origin.

The city, however, was not developed by the person from which it gains its name, but rather by H.J. Whitley, a prominent land developer from Southern California who traveled to the area in 1905 and liked what he saw: a blacksmith shop, a small store and a few scattered houses. H.J. Whitley discovered herds of grazing wild hogs, wild horses and steers. The exceptional productivity of the land encouraged.

interest in the region. This led him to purchase 32,000 acres of land to start development. Corcoran’s main street is named after H.J. Whitley, it is known as Whitley Avenue. In a matter of three short years, Corcoran was the ideal place in which to settle. Corcoran is now known as the “Farming Capital of California”.

Corcoran Area Transit (CAT)
Since 1989, the City of Corcoran has operated a City Transit service to facilitate the transportation needs of the residents of the City of Corcoran and the surrounding Kings County fringe areas. This program operates the Corcoran Depot and a fleet of five transit buses.

While the Corcoran Depot is not an official AMTRAK Depot, it is still available to AMTRAK passengers, KART passengers, along with Corcoran Area Transit passengers. There is a self-serve AMTRAK ticket dispenser located in the Corcoran Depot for local travelers.
Corcoran Area Transit is an on-demand service; residents may call the local dispatch center for a ride anywhere within the Corcoran Area Transit service area. The local number is (559) 992-2177.

Population, Climate, Geography & Location
▪ Population: 22,528 (including residents at the state prisons)
▪ Climate: Average Minimum Temperature-48.7°F, Average Maximum Temperature-77.3°F, Average Rainfall-7.18 inches (175.7 mm)
▪ Geography: Corcoran is located at 36°5’46″ North, 119°33’52″ West
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total land area of 16.6km², with none of it being covered by water.
▪ Elevation: 207 ft.
▪ Location: Corcoran is a city in Kings County, California, located in the San Joaquin Valley.
▪ Time Zone: Pacific